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Embrace secure and profitable gift card trading with the most reputable Chinese merchant . Your safety and profits are our top priorities! 

We accept various gift cards, ranging from popular retail brands to online platforms.
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Why people loves us

Financial Flexibility

Our platform offer users an avenue to convert unwanted gift cards into cash. This provides them with the financial flexibility to spend their money according to their preferences rather than being limited to a particular store or service.

Increased Security

Traditional peer-to-peer exchanges can be risky with potential scams. A dedicated gift card repurchase platform provides a secure environment, ensuring that both buyers and sellers are protected from fraudulent activities.

Market Efficiency

By centralizing the buying and selling process, our platform streamline the exchange mechanism. This ensures that users receive competitive rates based on current market demand and supply.

User-Friendly Experience

With an intuitive interface and easy navigation, gift card our platform provide users with a hassle-free experience. This reduces the complexities often associated with selling or swapping gift cards.

Quick Payouts

One of the main advantages of our platform is their swift payment processing. Once the gift cards validity is confirmed, users can quickly receive their payment, eliminating the prolonged wait often associated with other resale methods.

Extensive Card Variety

These platforms often support a wide array of gift cards from different brands and services. This ensures that users can easily find a buyer for their specific card, increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction.

86 Gift Card is the perfect choice for anyone looking to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

We are committed to freedom, speed, security, customer support, and user-friendliness, ensuring you have a wonderful experience.

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100% Legit and Safe

86 Gift Card is the world leading gift card source trading platform, providing high-quality and safe services.

High Exchange Rates and Price

Our real-time quotation platform connects thousands of source buyers who can provide high prices and bring you more benefits.

Fast Loading and Payment

24/7 customer service team load the gift card quickly. Once your card is verified, we pay immediately via bank transfer.


Trusted by our customers

There are over 300,000+ customers choose us.

I have been using 86 Gift Card for a few months and am extremely satisfied with their service. The platform is easy to use, and the customer service team is always available to help with any issues I may have. I highly recommend 86 Gift Card to anyone looking to trade giftcard in Nigeria.
I have used several gift card platforms before, but 86 Gift Card truly stands out. The process is straightforward, and I feel secure knowing my transactions are handled with utmost care. Highly recommended!
86 Gift Card has changed the game for me. Not only did I get to convert my unused gift cards into cash, but the whole process was also incredibly swift and hassle-free. Kudos to the team!
A friend recommended 86 Gift Card to me, and I'm so glad they did. The platform is intuitive, the customer support is top-notch, and the array of supported gift cards is extensive. Five stars from me!
Very good customer care service,they reply fast and with the right words ,I had issues before but it has been rectified and my withdrawal was processed with ease , thank you 86 Gift Card 🤗❤️
What an amazing website! I love it. It has a really nice color vibrance and an easy to navigate interface. Kudos to the web developers. We really need more of these incredible sites.

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